Energy Intelligence Suite

Multi-source enterprise utility management platform. 

Invoice, Utility & Energy Management

In addition to our comprehensive LED lighting services and products, Advanced Facilities Solutions provides a management service called the Energy Intelligence Suite. Utility procurement options and regulations rapidly change across regulated and deregulated markets. The Energy Intelligence Suite arms your organization with the data it needs to benefit from data driven energy management and procurement strategies. We assign a “live” energy manager to monitor your accounts.

• Electricity

• Natural Gas

• Fuels

• Waste

• Water

• Sewer

• Recycling

• Steam

• Telecom

Two Phase Approach to Total Energy Management

PHASE 1 - Energy Management Fundamentals

Global data is aggregated into a unified reporting platform simplifying:

  • Invoice processing
  • Utility contract management
  • Benchmarking and reporting
  • ENERGYSTAR services

PHASE 2 - Real-time & Interval Data Strategies

Control and monitor Demand-side strategies through the portal:

  • Demand Response
  • Automated Set Points
  • Sub-Metering
  • Energy Conservation Measurers Plan

Bill auditing is labor intensive and, in most cases, just does not get done. The Energy Intelligence Suite allows you to automate this process so you can “Set It and Forget It.”

Metric-based Invoice Validation

The 20-point inspection is a computerized, automated process designed to identify potential operational outliers and service provider errors.

  • Valid due date, service period, gaps in service, facility location, unique invoice number, meter number.
  • Cost & usage vs.: last year, estimated, and historical maximum.
  • Load factor and demand metrics

Metric-based invoice validations are performed on all invoices processed through the Energy Intelligence Suite. The system flags troubled invoices and alerts are available when the user logs onto the portal or through automatic notification.

  • Alerts highly visible on EMS log-in
  • Users can drill down into each audit

Tariff-based Verification Invoice Audit

These alerts are triggered automatically by our algorithms that confirm each bill against the current tariff and adders to recalculate the invoice. This method completely rebuilds and checks all lines of the invoice to uncover errors, creating cost avoidance.

  • Meter readings, multipliers, usage
  • Actual vs. billed demand, power factor
  • Itemized taxes, fees, riders, rate changes, excess facilities costs, and total dollars.
  • The invoice is re-created to compare charges
  • 100% dispute resolution for material errors in client’s favor
  • Metric validation included

Energy Management Fundamentals

Phase 1: Invoice Automation and Utility Procurement

Streamline Invoice Processing

Eliminating manual invoice handling by automating invoice processing is the first step.

Automated Invoice Audits

Part of the automation includes automatic audits for all invoices in the system.

Reporting Analytics

Data from the invoices supports reporting and analytics through all levels of your organization.

Benchmarking and ENERGY STAR Services

Benchmark facilities for internal reporting (key performance indicators) or to comply with “Benchmark Ordinances” through our direct API with DOE’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

Utility Procurement

A data driven utility procurement strategy is established for all electricity and natural gas accounts.

Establishing the Basics for Energy Management Fundamentals

We require the following to get started with no obligation:

  • A letter of authorization for access to utility data
  • A current invoice for each account/meter

We will design a proposal based on the data from your invoices and accounts outlining the scope of our service. Typical implementations take 30 to 90 days depending on the number of accounts with $0 out of pocket expense.

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Real-Time & Internal Data

Phase 2: Load Management

  • Sub-Metering, Interval Data, Smart Meter
  • Load Profile Analysis, DR Programs
  • Tariff Verification, Rate Optimization
  • Portfolio-Wide Energy Conservation Measure Plan
  • Peak kW Shaving, kWh Reduction

Additional Services



AFS believes that the agriculture industry, including food production and processing, can greatly benefit from modern energy systems. We can audit your farm or other facility and realize products and solutions to benefit you, including solar energy, LED, and IoT devices.


Community Solar

For businesses that are interested in green energy but lack the ability or desire to produce it onsite, community solar is an excellent resource. In this system, clean energy is produced by a local solar farm, then transferred to the business through the local grid. The business then enjoys the financial benefits of using solar energy without having to set up the infrastructure onsite.


Data Management

Easily and accurately monitor utility bills, energy and emissions data and more using our data management service. AFS helps to manage the data so you can keep an eye on any potential problem areas in your energy use.


Demand Response Management

As your operation demands more power, it risks overwhelming the grid and causing a blackout. AFS will develop a demand response management plan suited to your needs that ensures your energy demand does not exceed your usage.


Energy Procurement

Energy purchasing should be purposeful, like all your other expenditures. AFS can develop a unique energy strategy for your company that aims to meet your needs and goals.


EV Car Charging

Drivers of electric vehicles need convenient charging stations, and you can provide them. AFS has EV charging products for installation at retail stores, offices, universities, apartments, public parking, and more.


Financial Risk Management

AFS will help you to determine your company’s risk in regards to energy agreements. Each business’s risk is different, and we will analyze every aspect to determine the optimal energy solution for you.



Heating and air make up a considerable part of your building’s energy consumption. Chances are, they could run much more efficiently. AFS can help you achieve valuable savings on your energy bill and improve your HVAC’s performance.


Infrastructure System Design

AFS understands that your needs for electrical infrastructure are unique. We offer planning, project management, and energy products to help you power your operations with optimum efficiency.



IoT, or Internet of Things, refers to any device that is connected to the internet or equipped with sensors that allow it to be controlled by a human or to share information and data. Something as simple as a light bulb controlled by your phone is an IoT device.


On-Site Energy Generation

Take greater control over your energy solutions by creating your own energy “in-house” with solar powered technology. AFS can help you maximize savings, enhance efficiency, and go green with solar energy.


Project Engineering

Our project engineers will evaluate your facility to create a project plan including recommendations that meet your energy goals, from total retrofits to supplemental energy efficiency products and systems.


Project Management

From project scope to installation, the experienced project management team at AFS will deliver on your LED and energy needs with superior service and communication.


Rebate Management

Energy cost savings can make a huge impact on your bottom line. Auditing your HVAC and other utilities in conjunction with installing more efficient lighting controls can create savings you may not expect.


Renewable Energy

There are many ways in which the use of renewables can benefit your business. AFS will work with you to develop a renewable energy plan that makes sense for you – whether that includes solar energy or other clean energy solutions.


Utility Charge Auditing

Overcharging and billing errors may be happening more often than you realize. AFS can perform an audit of all your past utility and energy bills and discover any areas where funds can be recouped.