Combating bacteria and airborne pathogens in medical facilities.

Safer Facilities for Healthcare Workers, Patients and Their Families

Hospitals and other medical facilities are full of bacterial pathogens living both on surfaces and in the air. As patients, their families, and medical staff move throughout the rooms, the spread of bacteria expands. With the introduction of illumiPure patented CleanWhite™ disinfection LED technology, these infectious airborne and surface contagions are successfully inactivated. This technology does its job even while a room is occupied and can continuously disinfect all hard and soft surfaces up to 99.9%.

Learn About the CleanWhite™ Technology
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LED Controls Systems

Advanced Facilities Solutions provides a full turnkey installation system for LED lighting controls. We can retrofit your hospital or medical facility to have a more efficient lighting system that also works to disinfect around the clock.

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Prevent the Spread of Disease by Turning on the Light

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