Facilitating a safe return to the classroom with bacteria-fighting LED lights.

Get Peace of Mind for Students, Parents and Staff

One of the biggest issues facing the world right now is how students of all ages can safely resume their regular, in-person classes. SafeClass offers a solution that is unparalleled by any other technology. Using LED light, the SafeClass technology combats pathogens like COVID-19 while class is in session and runs automated sterilizing cycles when the buildings are empty. Our technology can provide up to 99.9% reduction in bacteria, and we have the scientific research to prove it.

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LED Controls Systems

In addition to the benefits of fighting bacteria, Advanced Facilities Solutions’ LED lights and controls help your school have a highly efficient lighting system. Classrooms, offices, and other facilities can have flicker free lighting in a safe environment.

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Create a Safe Learning Environment in Uncertain Times

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