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CleanBox & CleanWhite Anti-Viral & Anti-Microbial Disinfection Lighting

Who would have thought 2020 would leave such a scar in our Country as it has. K-12 schools have had to re-think safety standards to protect both staff and students on top of newly emerging education challenges.

My name is Ricky Shelton and I am the Energy Manager for Barbers Hills Independent School District.in Houston Texas. I serve as the vice president of TEMA "Texas Energy Managers Association", an organization created from the State Energy Conservation Office "CECO" in Austin Texas, which is designed to guide schools, and public entities to not only reduce energy consumption but also build safe learning environments.

Barbers Hill lSD introduction to the NEW lmmaculight UV CleanBox product a month after the Covid pandemic shut the city of Houston down. I am writing this letter on behalf of a new product line from lllumipure / Calyx for their Clean Box UV Fixture and their CleanWhite LED Light fixture where the company is located in Houston Texas.

We have used the CleanWhite Light technology several months back before Covid and have been delighted with the Microbial Disinfection from this product. There is no chemical spraying, or waist of custodial man-hours to do a less than stellar job. We started the installation process in the athletic departments, nurse's stations, and administration offices as an introduction that proved to be very successful. Because of the success, we have two new Intermediate Schools that will be coming on line 2021-2022 with the intentions of installing two units per classroom. I thought bad people with guns was a revelation, nothing compares to the way Covid has changed our educational processes.

School started back mid-August for in school learning, but before students arrived, we put new policies in place. We installed on each desk a three-sided shield, students wear masks between classes, and lunchtime, staff wear masks as normal daily routine, hand sanitizers, and there is nightly cleaning, and disinfecting. The districts original attendance numbers started at 87% in the classroom and 13% online, six weeks later we are at 93% in the classroom. Our staff feels that the lmmaculight products play a crucial role in keeping people safe knowing it is disinfecting while class is in session. To date, we have had ZERO cases of the Covid virus.

Not only does the lmmaculight Product Line present an immediate answer to the current pandemic our students and faculty face, but we have also future proofed our ceilings in our yearly fight against Influenza. Safe student attendance is our main priority and with this installation we have provided a long-term battle plan that can face the unforeseen future of viruses.

After reviewing several different UV product lines, numerous scrubbers and filters, we are extremely proud with our choice to move forward with the lmmaculight products. Just knowing the district is doing all it can to keep people safe is comforting to the parents, students, and our community within or district. I feel it is my responsibility to not only our community, but to our city, and states to inform other districts in making good decisions when purchasing products that affect people's lives.